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  • [about] DVD clips

    Why we do what we do.

    Gap or Degree Trainee Details

    2016 plus

    Listen to our short clip outlining how you could come for 1, 2 or 3 years as a Gap Trainee or a Degree trainee.

    SUMT Promo DVD

    Why we do what we do

    We shot this to briefly go through the key fingerprints of our charity.  Watch this, and you'll see why we work in the way we do!

    Trainees talk about their highlights

    The 2013 team

    Watch previous trainees speak about their time with SUMT and what it meant to them.

    Lifepath Highlights

    A day to remember.

    Lifepath demonstrates excellently our curriculum-based work and how we network in hundreds of volunteers from local churches.

  • Latest News

    Our latest Newsletter is right here. Click the button below to go to a flip-book online. From there you can download it, read it on the screen, or share it. You can also email us ("Contact us button" and ask for some hard copies to be put in your church :)

  • Residentials

    Time away with SUMT

  • Our next residential

    Click on the link below to get to EVENTBRITE - the tool we use to book up through. Now beware - Eventbrite will send you an email, and it's important but might sneak into your junk. It will have details and a kit list in - and nearer the time they will send you more emails - watch for them.


    Also - the arrow to the right takes you to all the dates for all the residentials this year.


    Our residentials for 2016-2017 are as follows - the link on the previous slide of this beautiful slider will always take you to the next residential. Sorry, we only release them one at a time.


    14-16 October - Y7-13 - Mallmore [Theme: Planning the CONNECT youth service]

    13-15 January - Y7-13 - Mallmore [Includes time to plan a Lip-Sync!]

    24-26 March - Y7-Y13 - Mallmore [Theme: Easter]

  • Degree / Gap Options

    Gap|Trainee and Degree|Trainee options through SUMT.

    Gap|Trainee and Degree|Trainee Options.

    Since 2000 we've been running a vibrant and well-grounded Gap Year.  We've spent years refining the experience, and as you can see from what's below, you can try for a Diploma in Youth Work if you want to as part of the year.  It's all funded except your pocket money, we include you in the team house (a faith-community), and support you all the way as you build into our Island and the young people, churches and schools here.


    We also now have a partnership with Moorlands College, where we are a placement for their 3-year placement degree in Theology.  Their degree has many options to bolt on, is funded through the usual routes, but because you come to us, we have a very wide variety of internal placement options.  That means you're not locked in to one church or set of activities, but get to shape your learning (in partnership with the call of God, and our needs too) in a huge variety of ways. 

  • Trainee Flipbook

    3 ways to serve, 3 ways to train.

    Take a look at this flip book and share it with people.

  • Gap|Trainee Applications

    Click on this link to download the fully funded Gap|Trainee application form for the one and two year options, with or without the bolt-on Diploma

    Degree|Trainee Applications

    TO apply for the Moorlands 3 year placement degree (full-time) you will need to apply through Moorlands and through us at the same time. Please check out the Moorlands site here, and contact us through the "contact us" section below (or simply email hub@sumt.im).

  • CU groups in schools

    Enabling young people to meet together in their own schools for fun, friendship and faith.

    CU groups

    Fun, Friendship, Faith

    Here are the most up to date details of the schools groups for 2016-2017


    Everyone from any church, or no church is welcome to join a CU group.


    Feel free to nab this poster, print it and stick it up in your church!

  • Social Feed

    Watch us as we go!  Here you can see all our latest facebook news - without having to ever sign up to Facebook! ... or use it to connect in with us!

  • Ministries

    The many ministries of Scripture Union Ministries Trust...


    SUMT is one charity, doing one thing in a huge variety of ways.  Half of these are education-linked, and half are about faith formation/discipleship.  All involve us working inter-church and across the Island to network young believers and mature believers alike. 


    Below are our ministries in brief.  Scroll through them and use the buttons on each part to investigate further! 

  • Youth Leader Training (412)

    A year long course which takes young adults (16-18) through Christian leadership training including a residential weekend.  Brilliant, engaging, and designed for different styles of leadership, this unlocks young leadership through positive peer community and support.

    Port St. Mary Beach Mission

    Started in 1901, this mission is truly in great shape!  Come and help lead 2 weeks of beach-tastic fun and faith with hundreds of children and young people and an energetic, expectant team!

    Secondary Assemblies

    SUMT have developed and taken literally thousands of assemblies over the years.  We deliver creative, credible, challenging and engaging material suitable for all faiths and none but with a strongly Christian ethos.

    Open The Book

    Open The Book is a brilliant Primary assembly scheme which is co-ordinated by SUMT on the Isle of Man.  Simply re-telling Bible stories, the material is fun and lively, and enjoyed by 84% of schools here through 7 ecumenical teams.

    School 'Encounter' Groups

    Every school has a Christian Union group, where young people choose to come.  They are run as much as possible to support what the pupils want from their own group, and usually are a mix of those with faith, and those investigating faith.

    Romance Academy

    This stunning sex and relationships material takes pupils through a range of highly interactive lessons designed to engage them with issues surrounding sexuality.  Geared for Y10 primarily, SUMT provide this service to 3 of the Island's 6 secondary schools.


    Aimed at forming healthy community straight after the transition to secondary school, LifeMatters takes an entire year group through what they think about the planet, their relationships, their communities, and themselves.  An RE day, this engages them with Christian values, and asks them - what do you think?

    It's Your Move

    Delivering a handbook that helps pupils prepare for the transition from Y6 (Primary) to Y7 (secondary) this material can be a lesson or an assembly. 

    Sunday Services

    The team are available to come to you and help lead all-age worship (or youth services ... or adult worship!).  Fully capable and qualified to design and lead a wealth of service styles in most denominations, we would love to come to you!

    Church Projects

    Our team of trainees and staff love rolling up our sleeves along with you and partnering as we all set about pioneering / re-thinking your youth and children's activities or missions.  Get us in for short, medium, or long term projects, and see what happens when we partner up.


    We have made a selection of excellent Christian books available for you to purchase through a "print on demand" site!  Some are for children and make excellent presents.  Others are for adults to re-think leadership or youth work. 

  • Facts & Figures

    Some numbers that help make up the bigger picture.


    Y5 Children have attended Lifepath since it began.


    Primary Schools who invite in an Open The Book ecumenical assembly team.


    The number of churches with a youth group of over 3 young people (11-18).


    Young people have graduated our youth leadership year (412).


    Emerging leaders (18-30+) have been through our Gap Year (Trainee Scheme).


    Over a third of the Island's Churches partner with us practically each year


    People partnered with SUMT on something during 2014-15.

    30 years

    SUMT's reputation is built on 30 years of credible schools work.


    The number of churches with any kind of Sunday School/Kids Church.


    The make up of school 'Encounter' Christian union groups is usually about 60/40 church/unchurched.


    Reaching this goal of individual givers would mean SUMT can serve churches and schools without charging.


    The number of Trainees (Gappers) who have remained on the Island to work as youth workers.


    Open The Book, plus our secondary assemblies engage over 10,000 pupils a year.


    The number of staff SUMT have.


    The number of young people it takes to change a school.

  • Get involved

    Ways to get involved with what's happening.

    It's all about you!

    Nothing SUMT do is geared towards us running a bunch of activities to make ourselves a job!  We try to work everything to be about how normal church people can have opportunities to serve the young people and children of our Island.  We want them to see YOU up and about, caring for them, caring about their education, and engaging them with faith. 


    So have a look below at the ways you can get involved, from prayer to running a full event, and everything in between.  Scroll through and ask - "Is this me?"

  • Pray

    Come to the annual pray day, get the termly newsletter email, subscribe to our weekly emails, or pop in to Mallmore!

    Have a chat with us

    Come and have a coffee with one of the Core Team, and we'll see where you fit best with the tons of ways to get your sleeves rolled up!

    Like us on Facebook

    Hit the blue button to go to our Facebook page


    Some people choose to give a day of their week to serve SUMT.  Admin tasks, resource creation, pastoral help, mentors ... would you like to join this group?

    Email updates

    Keep up to date with training, events, news and stories of God at work by signing up here.  Sign up below for the "News sign-up".

  • Contact Us!

    Email us, so we can link up and chat!

    • Ask us a question;
    • Invite us to preach, lead a workshop, re-think stuff...;
    • Meet someone for a chat to see where it leads...
    • or use the other forms below to sign up for emails!


  •  Phone

    +44 (0)7624 428053


    SUMT YouTube

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    You can sign up here to be emails about youth and children's training, events and new stuff from SUMT and other on-Island things - like Messy Church, "Enthuse", Youth Services, Residentials, our newsletter and the like!  Don't worry, you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • Give

    SUMT are a faith organisation, funded by the generosity of churches and individuals.  We are looking for both churches and individuals who will partner with us, giving us what they can afford each month, or each year.  This way we can keep offering all of our services to churches and schools free of charge. 


    Please help us to make this a possibility by partnering in this way.  Below is a link to our ten year vision, including a standing order form.  Take a few moments to read it, and if you want to help us make this a reality, consider what you can give.  Alternatively you could click here to give right away through Paypal (Connect 2 Charity).


    Thank you.

  • BIG (little) Questionnaire

    Please click on the link below to help us stick all the information we need from our many supporters into one brilliant place.