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    Scripture Union Ministries Trust

  • What we do

    SUMT stands for Scripture Union (our umbrella body) Ministries (the various things we do) 

    Trust (the fact that we're a local non-profit organisation).


    Our main aim as a charity is to bring "Faith Within Reach" of every child and young person on the Isle of Man, supporting their holistic development, while continually encouraging them to come their own conclusions.

    We do this in two main and separate ways.


    1.) Curriculum (within a classroom context): In Curriculum sessions students are given opportunities to think through their own beliefs; they are never told what they should or shouldn't believe. We believe that God is interested in the development of every area of a child's life, regardless of their personal faith choices. Therefore we want to partner with schools to help enhance the spiritual and moral aspects of the curriculum even if that means no faith content is delivered.


    2.) Discipleship (outside of a classroom context): We believe that God is interested in giving children and young people opportunities to respond appropriately to the challenge of a Christian Worldview, particularly the challenge to follow Jesus Christ. Because of this we partner with schools and churches to provide places and opportunities for children and young people to ask questions, engage in teaching, and respond personally.


    To see all of our 'ministries' (what we do), please click on the link below.

  • SUMT Volunteer Statement

    Every team member and volunteer who works with us in schools is asked to agree to our volunteer statement. If you want to read this in full please click the link below

  • Residential

    Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th November

  • SUMT Diary

    Future dates of SUMT events

  • Latest News

    Grab yourself a coffee and relax, reading our latest newsletter.

  • Helpful Short Video clips

    A selection of short clips to help get your head round what we do, and some of the why.

    SUMT Promo DVD

    Why we do what we do

    We shot this to briefly go through the key fingerprints of our charity.  Watch this, and you'll see why we work in the way we do!

  • Degree / Gap Options

    Gap year and degree options that could bring you to (or enable you to stay on) the Isle of Man.

    Gap|Trainee and Degree|Trainee Options.

    Since 2000 we've been running a vibrant and well-grounded Gap Year.  We've spent years refining the experience, and as you can see from what's below, you can try for a Diploma in Youth Work if you want to as part of the year.  It's all funded except your pocket money, we include you in the team house (a faith-community), and support you all the way as you build into our Island and the young people, churches and schools here.


    We also now have a partnership with Moorlands College, where we are a placement for their 3-year placement degree in Theology.  Their degree has many options to bolt on, is funded through the usual routes, but because you come to us, we have a very wide variety of internal placement options.  That means you're not locked in to one church or set of activities, but get to shape your learning (in partnership with the call of God, and our needs too) in a huge variety of ways. 

  • Trainee Applications

    Click on this link to download the fully funded Gap|Trainee application form for the one and two year options, with or without the bolt-on Diploma

    Degree Training opportunities

    To apply for the Moorlands 3 year placement degree (full-time) you will need to apply through Moorlands and through us at the same time. Please check out the Moorlands site here, and contact us through the "contact us" section below (or simply email hub@sumt.im).

  • CU groups in schools

    Enabling young people to meet together in their own schools for fun, friendship and faith.

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    Email us, so we can link up and chat!

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    +44 (0)7624 335203

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  • Give

    SUMT are a faith organisation, funded by the generosity of churches and individuals. We are looking for both churches and individuals who will partner with us, giving us what they can afford each month, or each year. This way we can keep offering all of our services to churches and schools free of charge.


    Please help us to make this a possibility by partnering in this way. Below is a link to our ten year vision, including a standing order form. Take a few moments to read it, and if you want to help us make this a reality, consider what you can give.


    Thank you.