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    Scripture Union Ministries Trust are a charity based on the Isle of Man.


    We've been here since the mid-eighties, and our purpose for existence is to bring faith within reach for every child and young person on the Island.


    We do this in two ways.

    Firstly, we're a charity that wants to help build bridges between the Christian community and the Education community - so we set up initiatives that build strongly into the curricular and wider-educational goals of schools, whilst also enabling local Christians to serve on those initiatives. These initiatives are educational in context, and so enabling children and young people to engage meaningfully with Christianity as a major faith is the focus, not asking them for a personal response to adhere to anything.


    Secondly, we're a charity that wants to enable children and young people who do choose to investigate or follow Christianity personally, to be able to do that in ways that are meaningful, contemporary and spiritual - so we run Christian groups in schools, help churches with their children's and youth work, run residentials and missions, and train young Christian leaders.


    Our emphasis is strongly on finding ways for local church members to do this, so we purposefully run with as small a staff as possible, and a small team of trainees and degree students.

    We are 'local ministry partners' with S.U. (Scripture Union England and Wales). They provide us with help, guidance and support, but we are a locally managed, funded and run charity. It's a partnership working very well. To read their statement of faith, click here. To read a bit about what we believe, click here, or check out our flipbook newsletter below.


    Watching the DVD clips below will also give you a really good picture of what we do, and why we do it.


    The CU groups across the Island this year tried to raise money for a number of charities. One of these was about getting fresh, clean water to the millions of people on the planet that curently die from easily preventable disease simply because their water is harmful to them.


    Their final initiative of the year is "The Way of Life" - a challenge to walk part or all of the 26 mile Millennium Walk (Ramsey to Castletown, over the hills). We will be setting off from Ramsey at 7am and probably finishing in Castletown at around 7pm-7.30pm. People of any age who are capable of walking the path are welcome to register (and get sponsorship for however far you want to walk)


    To register for this amazing walk on 1st July 2017 (or just check it out) hit the link below. It has all the stages outlined for you, and a link to how to register.

  • What we do

    SUMT stands for Scripture Union (our umbrella body) Ministries (the various things we do) Trust (the fact that we're a local non-profit organisation).


    We carry out our charitable aims in a huge variety of ways.

    1.) Curriculum: We believe that God is interested in the development of every area of a child's life, whether or not that child or young person decides to take up the challenge of Christian faith. Because of this we want to partner with schools to help enhance or serve the spiritual and moral aspects of the curriculum even if that means no overt faith content is delivered.

    2.) Discipleship: We believe that God is interested in giving children and young people opportunities to respond appropriately to the challenge of a Christian Worldview, particularly the challenge to follow Jesus Christ. Because of this we partner with schools and churches to provide places and opportunities for children and young people to ask questions, engage in teaching, and respond personally.


    To see all of our 'ministries' (what we do), please click on the link below.

  • [about] DVD clips

    Why we do what we do.

    Gap or Degree Trainee Details

    2016 plus

    Listen to our short clip outlining how you could come for 1, 2 or 3 years as a Gap Trainee or a Degree trainee.

    SUMT Promo DVD

    Why we do what we do

    We shot this to briefly go through the key fingerprints of our charity.  Watch this, and you'll see why we work in the way we do!

    Lifepath Highlights

    A day to remember.

    Lifepath demonstrates excellently our curriculum-based work and how we network in hundreds of volunteers from local churches.

  • Latest News

    Our latest Newsletter is right here. Click the button below to go to a flip-book online. From there you can download it, read it on the screen, or share it. You can also email us ("Contact us button" and ask for some hard copies to be put in your church :)

  • Residentials

    Time away with SUMT

    Residential weekends, holidays and missions are key to the growth of faith. Temporary communities where it is socially acceptable to talk about faith, explore spirituality and time away from the norm enables engagement to be vibrant and real. Couple that with the social interaction, the freedom of timetable, the adventure of being away from home, and the ... well the food - and you can see why they are so key. We're seeing a new generation of young people growing up with shared faith development across age, geography, social and church boundaries. Imagine the impact when these guys are in charge of our local churches! Below here are two slides - one takes you to a site where you can book onto the next weekend, and the other gives you all the dates for this academic year.

  • Our next residential

    Click on the link below to get to EVENTBRITE - the tool we use to book up through. Now beware - Eventbrite will send you an email, and it's important but might sneak into your junk. It will have details and a kit list in - and nearer the time they will send you more emails - watch for them.


    Also - the arrow to the right takes you to all the dates for all the residentials this year.


    Our residentials for 2016-2017 are as follows - the link on the previous slide of this beautiful slider will always take you to the next residential. Sorry, we only release them one at a time.


    14-16 October - Y7-13 - Mallmore [Theme: Planning the CONNECT youth service]

    13-15 January - Y7-13 - Mallmore [Includes time to plan a Lip-Sync!]

    24-26 March - Y7-Y13 - Mallmore [Theme: Easter]

  • Degree / Gap Options

    Gap|Trainee and Degree|Trainee options through SUMT.

    Gap|Trainee and Degree|Trainee Options.

    Since 2000 we've been running a vibrant and well-grounded Gap Year.  We've spent years refining the experience, and as you can see from what's below, you can try for a Diploma in Youth Work if you want to as part of the year.  It's all funded except your pocket money, we include you in the team house (a faith-community), and support you all the way as you build into our Island and the young people, churches and schools here.


    We also now have a partnership with Moorlands College, where we are a placement for their 3-year placement degree in Theology.  Their degree has many options to bolt on, is funded through the usual routes, but because you come to us, we have a very wide variety of internal placement options.  That means you're not locked in to one church or set of activities, but get to shape your learning (in partnership with the call of God, and our needs too) in a huge variety of ways. 

  • Trainee Flipbook

    3 ways to serve, 3 ways to train.

    Take a look at this flip book and share it with people.

  • Gap|Trainee Applications

    Click on this link to download the fully funded Gap|Trainee application form for the one and two year options, with or without the bolt-on Diploma

    Degree|Trainee Applications

    TO apply for the Moorlands 3 year placement degree (full-time) you will need to apply through Moorlands and through us at the same time. Please check out the Moorlands site here, and contact us through the "contact us" section below (or simply email hub@sumt.im).

  • CU groups in schools

    Enabling young people to meet together in their own schools for fun, friendship and faith.

    CU groups

    Fun, Friendship, Faith

    Here are the most up to date details of the schools groups for 2016-2017


    Everyone from any church, or no church is welcome to join a CU group.


    Feel free to nab this poster, print it and stick it up in your church!

  • Social Feed

    Watch us as we go!  Here you can see all our latest facebook news - without having to ever sign up to Facebook! ... or use it to connect in with us!

  • Get involved

    Ways to get involved with what's happening.

    It's all about you!

    Nothing SUMT do is geared towards us running a bunch of activities to make ourselves a job!  We try to work everything to be about how normal church people can have opportunities to serve the young people and children of our Island.  We want them to see YOU up and about, caring for them, caring about their education, and engaging them with faith. 


    So have a look below at the ways you can get involved, from prayer to running a full event, and everything in between.  Scroll through and ask - "Is this me?"

  • Pray

    Come to the annual pray day, get the termly newsletter email, subscribe to our weekly emails, or pop in to Mallmore!

    Have a chat with us

    Come and have a coffee with one of the Core Team, and we'll see where you fit best with the tons of ways to get your sleeves rolled up!

    Like us on Facebook

    Hit the blue button to go to our Facebook page


    Some people choose to give a day of their week to serve SUMT.  Admin tasks, resource creation, pastoral help, mentors ... would you like to join this group?

    Email updates

    Keep up to date with training, events, news and stories of God at work by signing up here.  Sign up below for the "News sign-up".

  • Contact Us!

    Email us, so we can link up and chat!

    • Ask us a question;
    • Invite us to preach, lead a workshop, re-think stuff...;
    • Meet someone for a chat to see where it leads...
    • or use the other forms below to sign up for emails!


  • Sign up for our info emails

    You can sign up here to be emails about youth and children's training, events and new stuff from SUMT and other on-Island things - like Messy Church, "Enthuse", Youth Services, Residentials, our newsletter and the like!  Don't worry, you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • Give

    SUMT are a faith organisation, funded by the generosity of churches and individuals.  We are looking for both churches and individuals who will partner with us, giving us what they can afford each month, or each year.  This way we can keep offering all of our services to churches and schools free of charge. 


    Please help us to make this a possibility by partnering in this way.  Below is a link to our ten year vision, including a standing order form.  Take a few moments to read it, and if you want to help us make this a reality, consider what you can give.  Alternatively you could click here to give right away through Paypal (Connect 2 Charity).


    Thank you.

  • BIG (little) Questionnaire

    Please click on the link below to help us stick all the information we need from our many supporters into one brilliant place.


    All about policies, where to get them from and a couple of summaries...


    SUMT have a number of policies which are available on request to see. Below is a few helpful summaries (a work in progress).
    Our privacy policy means that data will only be used for the reason it was requested. We will pass personal information on to any other organisations. All data will be destroyed when no longer needed.


    Scripture Union Ministries Trust is a movement made up of volunteers and paid staff. We believe that all human beings are of equal worth in the sight of God and aim to follow Biblical principles in all that we do.


    • We commit ourselves to the nurture, protection, and safekeeping of all, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults.
    • It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and to report any abuse suspected or discovered.
    • In order to achieve this, we are committed to supporting, resourcing and training those who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults. We will provide appropriate supervision and recognise mutual accountability.