• Primary Curriculum

    Open the Book

    SUMT co-ordinate the OPEN THE BOOK assembly teams in Primary School. Through this scheme (written by former school inspectors and teachers) we enable local churches to serve schools well. We all know that the quality of assembly material varies dramatically, but this scheme offers presentations of key Bible stories which simply tell the story well. Most of our teams are ecumenical, they are trained annually, and the material is excellent. Almost every Primary school on the Island invites an OTB team in to help take assemblies.


    Godly Play

    SUMT helps to co-ordinate the Godly Play trained volunteers from across the island.Godly play was created by theologian, author and educator, Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman, and is a curriculum of spiritual practice exploring the mystery of God. Stories of faith are told to a group who then have an opportunity to wonder together about what they have heard, and then explore independently with no expectation of results or answers.



    Year 3-4

    STARS is a philosophy day put together by SUMT allowing children to be able to 'wonder' about four major areas of life: special days, special beliefs, special people and special choices. The elements of the day are all based around the principles developed by Philosophy for Children, and the day was developed at the request of the Religious Education Advisory Committee (REAC). It was piloted in 2016 and is now available to be requested by schools or groups of schools as a curriculum enrichment day.