• Secondary Curriculum

  • LifeMatters

    Designed to enhance transition at the other end, this day is designed to form community with the new Y7 group, and to help them think through four elements of life - themselves, their relationships, the communities they belong to, and the planet. The day takes them through these four areas, expressed purposfully in different learning styles, asking them repeatedly in small groups to talk about what they personally believe matters. They do this through a neutral stimulus, then by sitting together and evaluating a Christian worldview on that subject which they are encouraged to pull apart, discuss, and come to their own conclusions about. The primary aim with the day is to quickly build them as one group.


    You Matter

    Year 8

    This drop down day, created and running in conjunction with the DESC, the IOM Constabulary and Graih, seeks to make sure all students hear the message:


    'You are worthy. You deserve to be appreciated, respected and loved. You are valuable, unique and important.'


    Each interactive workshop explores one of the following questions: Who am I? Where am I going? When can I say no? Why am I important? What's the truth? and How can I stay safe? Each student receives a workbook that they carry with them throughout the day and then take home with them. This helps them to make notes and explore the question posed in each session.


    Year 10-13

    Our final curricular initiative was primarily aimed at Y10, but schools have requested we continue the input into 6th form, and as such we have worked with staff and health-care professionals locally to generate material for the older age groups also. LOVElife uses discussion and group work to enable young people to think through the choices they want to make about sexuality and relationships. It uses excellent material that has all been approved by the Department of Education and contains no faith references. Sessions cover issues of consent, conflict resolution, STI's, love languages, different expectations in relationships, and more. The lessons also anonymously survey the young people's attitudes at the start and end of the course, and this is fed back to the schools in question. LOVElife has an advisory group separate to SUMT, headed up by an ex-head teacher, and including health professionals and teachers.