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  • Summer 2022 Newsletter

    Download a digital copy of our most recent newsletter here. Paper copies are distributed to churches on the island - if your church doesn't have any please get in touch!

  • History

    In 1901, CSSM (Children’s Special Services Mission) started a beach mission in Port St Mary for the holiday makers who flocked to the island’s beaches. Over time the number of holiday makers who attended decreased and the local numbers increased. This led the team (now under the guidance of Scripture Union) to start praying about there being a consistent group of active Christians on the Island running events all year round for those young people who attended and came to faith through the mission. 


    In the 1980s, a volunteer started running CU groups in the Island’s secondary schools. After a while, this became unsustainable for one person to do by themselves, so they were linked to the group who had been praying for the young people of the Island to come to know God and SUMT was born. This connection with prayer, and a desire to move where God is moving has been with SUMT ever since. 


    For several years, SUMT was made up of one worker, and the occasional gap year student. In the 2010s this became multiple workers, up to 12 gap year students and admin workers all in a community house in Port St Mary. As a new decade arrived, SUMT moved again to the Pulrose Estate. It has six staff members and no gap year students - for now at least. 


    The work we do has also changed and adapted over time. We still run CU groups in the secondary schools, but we also are involved in collective worship (assemblies), youth services, residential weekends, clubs outside of schools, curriculum days, lessons, SRE and almost anything else that a school or church ask of us. We connect with almost all primary and secondary schools on the Island and the majority of churches to as we try and bring Faith Within Reach of every child and young person on the Isle of Man.

  • Policy Statement

    Scripture Union Ministries Trust is a movement made up of volunteers and paid staff. We believe that all human beings are of equal worth in the sight of God and aim to follow Biblical principles in all that we do.



    • We commit ourselves to the nurture, protection, and safekeeping of all, especially children, young people and adult at risk.
    • It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect children, young people and adults at risk from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and to report any abuse suspected or discovered.
    • In order to achieve this, we are committed to supporting, resourcing and training those who work with children, young people and adults at risk. We will provide appropriate supervision and recognise mutual accountability.

    Scripture Union Ministries Trust has adopted the above principles; all volunteers and staff are presented with a copy and expected to follow the procedures and guidelines.


  • SUMT Volunteer Statement

    Every team member and volunteer who works with us in schools is asked to agree to our volunteer statement. If you want to read this in full please click the link below

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